Our vision

Eco-compatibility and inclusiveness are our watchwords.

They have guided us in the various management choices of our farm and are the concepts at the basis of our management philosophy

We would like to make a positive impact on the world, and we do it by caring for people and nature. We pay close attention to and respect any diverse identities, be they cultural, religious, or gender that we believe will only enrich us.

Our houses are built according to state-of-the-art techniques, with structural insulation that allows us to optimise the heating and cooling of the rooms and to minimise thermal waste.
Nothing is left to chance, not even the most minor details.
The furnishings are made from natural materials, from the lofts to the solid wood furniture, from the iron lamps to the antique family pieces recovered, and the upholstery made from precious materials. We have chosen to use clean and renewable energy to meet Antica Sena's thermal and electrical needs.In addition to an efficient 12 kW photovoltaic system and solar thermal systems for hot water production, we have created a rainwater collection system to irrigate the garden.
The waste produced is disposed of exclusively using a rigorous separate waste collection, which helps to alleviate the environmental impact.

All this allows us to grow together with our wonderful territory and respect its many beauties.

An essential experience in nature

A unique environment, suspended between the sea and the mountains, rich in nature trails and exciting opportunities for cultural and gastronomic discovery.


Company philosophy

We have faith in the future, and we love our territory. For this reason, in the management of our farm, we do our best to respect nature and its cycles, to offer our guests an eco-sustainable stay. We believe in conscious, responsible development that is mindful of the land, working with local partners who share our passion for our land and our business philosophy.