Farm - Antica Sena

The Crinò-Livoti family has managed the "Antica Sena" farm for four generations with care and dedication, respecting the environment and the natural cycle of the seasons. Through the experience of the old farmers and their ancient knowledge, we cultivate the typical products of our beloved Sicily, a problematic land full of contradictions but equally fertile and generous.

Our company produces various types of citrus fruits such as early navel oranges, tarot oranges, clementines, mandarins, citrons and, for some time now, tropical fruits such as mango, avocado, lychee and finger lime (caviar lemon).

Our products have obtained organic certification. We have always preferred the practice of heterogeneity and variety of flavours and colours that characterise our countryside, the authentic splendour of yesteryear, to standardisation.

To operate with the utmost respect for the environment, we have created a sub-irrigation system that allows a considerable saving of water and integrated the structure with photovoltaic systems and solar panels that enable us to produce clean energy.

All this allows us to offer you the genuine products of our land, letting you taste the unique freshness and fragrance of the fruit just picked from the tree.


The products of our land

The uniqueness of the bio-farm Antica Sena products is the result of the combination of Mediterranean climate, fertile land, and organic farming methods. We are in love with our land and, for 100 years, we have cultivated it with care, passion and respect.

About Us

Every year with my husband I return to what is no exaggeration to define an authentic Paradise. Tranquility, close contact with nature and courtesy are the strong points of the structure skilfully managed by the brothers Antonio and Vincenzo.
The houses in which you are staying are equipped with every comfort and furnished with refined taste, you feel at home.
It is not easy to go back to life as always, would you like to stay again and again, the solution?
We return soon!
Graziella V.
Helpful and attentive staff, breakfast with yogurt, biscuits, bread, butter, nutella, fruit juices, local jams, and even a cake! Enchanting place, surrounded by nature. The nature and the structure are very well cared! Cool and relaxing place. I highly recommend it!
Claudia L.
We were guests of Antica Sena managed by Mrs. Rita, from 19 to 24 August. We chose an apartment in the main building. We had an extraordinary experience. The country house has been renovated with great skill and the accommodations are treated in detail. Mrs. Rita makes you feel immediately at home with her exceptional cakes for breakfast and her always discreet kindness. Worthy of note is the well-kept, fragrant, wonderful garden. From the terrace the view is really beautiful, you can see the sea and also the Sanctuary of Tindari, at sunset it is really special. Inside the property it is possible to take a nice walk among the citrus groves. I hope there is really a way to go back because we left a little piece of our heart. Five-star simplicity and refinement.
Silvia e Rosario