The Livoti Family

For years our family has dedicated itself with care to the land and traditions.
Together we have worked to make Antica Sena a special and genuine place to welcome our guests.

Vincenzo has always been passionate about nature and sporting activities, and after graduating in natural sciences and a master's degree in wildlife conservation and management, he dedicated himself full-time to the farm's activities, training with the old farmers in the cultivation of citrus and olive trees, combining ancient and modern knowledge. He has been a farmer for about 20 years now, as he likes to call himself, focusing on agricultural policies (he holds official positions within the Italian Farmers' Confederation). He has increasingly approached the world of organic and sustainable agriculture, trying to build networks with otherproducers and consumers..

Maria Rosa is the third owner. Living in Milan, she is unable to take part in the day-to-day running of the business, but from her metropolitan observatory, she is actively involved in following a solidarity purchasing group that buys the company's products and in providing ideas for sustainable production and hospitality.

Antonio has a literary and musical background and has lived outside Sicily for many years. Since the start of the Agritourism farm in 2007, he has worked part-time alongside his mother in organising and managing the reception of guests. He now works full-time, using his knowledge of languages and organisational skills acquired over many years of activity in the Italian Recreational and Cultural Association. He alternates teaching guitar and his piano concerts with welcoming travellers.

Rita, the progenitor of this family, has dreamed, conceived and realised everything within the agritourism farm by planning every corner down to the smallest detail.