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For 4 generations, the farm "Antica Sena", is led by Livoti-Crinò family, with love and care, respecting the environment and the natural cycle of the seasons.

Sicily is a problematic land, but at the same time generous and fertile and climatically fortunate; we try every day to cultivate the products to which it is suited, through the experience of the old farmers trying to pass on to young people the knowledge of the ancients.

The company produces various types of citrus fruits: the early navel oranges, tarocco, clementines, mandarins, limes and lemons, olive oil and marmalades.

Given the climate change we're experiencing a tropical fruit plant: mango, avocado, lichee and finger lime (lemon caviar).

Our products are biological and
a sub irrigation system was made  that allows considerable energy and water savings. The company also produces green energy through photovoltaic systems and integrated solar panels.

We try to preserve the soil for the prevention of hydrogeological and recovery of the species of ancient plants in danger of extinction, as well as to counter GMOs and do not let the uniformity of colors flavors space and forms that the GDO requires.

In our small way we try to fight against TTIP, aware of the fundamental role that the farms have in offering products grown according to organic production disciplinary.

Both agricultural production and the reception of guests are taken care of by the family.

Adhering to the principle of a fair trade, we offer the products of our land, delivering them in a very short time, so as to enjoy the freshness and fragrance of freshly picked fruit from the tree. These products are not treated with fungicides or pesticides, so often the appearance is not the same as that of the products that are found in the markets, even their flaws testify to the genuineness of the product.

Our products


Oranges, lemons, mandarins, Clementines, Cedars;

1 box of about 20 kg. € 32.00

Extra virgin olive oil:

€ 9.00 / 75cl.


Oranges, bitter oranges, lemons, tangerines, kumquats, Cedar;

gr.200 € 5.00

N.B. all prices are inclusive shipping
Minimum delivery is 6 cassetes

The delivery must take place in one place, with a processor can receive the goods.

The cassettes can also be mixed (oil, citrus fruits and jams)

For any information, please contact us

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